Covid-19 Admissions FAQ (Intake 2021)

(Last updated: February 25, 2021)

With the evolving COVID-19 situation, we understand that you might have concerns over your application to our MBA Program Intake 2021 and would like to obtain the latest updates on the program arrangements. HKUST MBA stands by you, and we would like to give you more assurance during this critical period.

[All prospective candidates are encouraged to visit this page regularly for the latest updates and guidance.]

Please stay healthy and positive.

1. Current Class Arrangement

In line with the Hong Kong SAR Government’s advice on social distancing and to safeguard the health and safety of our students, faculty, staff members and the community at large, the University is currently adopting real-time interactive online mode (e.g. using Zoom) for all classes.

With reference to the  latest Covid-19 situation in Hong Kong, the University has decided, from March 1, 2021 onwards, all classes will be delivered in “mixed-mode” format (i.e., students participate in a class either in-person or online) while still observing the social distancing measures and other relevant guidelines in Spring Term 2020/21. Different programs/courses face different situations, and so the exact arrangements will vary. However, all classes with enrolments greater than 75 will remain real-time online mode, as will all Language classes. Some other classes may also remain online in the interest of educational quality, e.g., due to the nature of class interactions, group work, etc. Details for specific classes would be announced by instructors.

Opportunities for face to face interactions and mixed-mode delivery in classes will depend on the pandemic situation and restrictions may need to be imposed at any time. These potential arrangements will not disadvantage students who are physically outside Hong Kong or feel uncomfortable in coming to campus.

2. On-campus Health and Safety Guidelines

The University has been following the Government’s anti-epidemic measures including social distancing (1 to 2 meters). Public gatherings of more than 4 people are also prohibited as per the latest group gathering restriction stipulated by the Government. 

On top of the Government suggested measures, the University has also implemented additional measures to ensure a safe environment for our students, faculty and staff members and that includes,

  • Remote fever self-check stations have been set up on-campus and the University will continue to deploy hand sanitizers.
  • Campus Access Control and Campus Mask Supply Scheme:
Only registered visitors, faculty & staff members and students presenting valid staff/student ID card will be allowed to enter the campus. All faculty and staff members must wear a mask when working in the campus. Students returning to schools must wear a mask and they will be issued a mask on a daily basis by presenting their student ID (for validation only).
  • Reporting Travel and Contact History:

All University members must submit the travel and contact report when either they or a family member / co- inhabitant arrives in Hong Kong from abroad or the University member has been exposed to an individual or a close contact of an individual that is a confirmed COVID-19 case.

  • Antimicrobial coating has been applied periodically in campus areas and offices.

The University will vigilantly review the pandemic situation from time to time and implement appropriate measures to ensure the health and safety of the members returning to campus and those living in on-campus accommodation.

3. Events and Group Gatherings

In compliance with the latest Government’s anti-epidemic measures, no gathering with more than four people are permitted except for work, essential or otherwise approved activities, and family groups living in the same accommodation.

To facilitate our MBA students to network with each other and expand their professional network, new virtual meet-ups and online alumni insight panels have been organized. HKUST MBA Program will continue to leverage on the virtual meeting capability to provide new learning and networking opportunities to our students and ensure smooth delivery of classes and activities.

4. Impact to Intake 2021 Admissions Schedule

Amidst the evolving global COVID-19 pandemic situation, HKUST MBA is now accepting Intake 2021 application. Please visit our online application portal HERE and start your application now.

We understand that you may have questions regarding our programs and the Intake 2021 arrangements, we continue to offer individual MBA consultation services (via phone or online through Zoom) to prospective candidates. You can reserve a timeslot and speak with our admissions advisors HERE.

Prospective candidates are also encouraged to register and join our upcoming admissions events to learn more about our MBA Programs and the Intake 2021 admissions details. Check out our event calendar and register for your preferred event HERE

5. Program Commencement

Full-Time MBA Program

Program is scheduled to commence in late July 2021 (tentative).
Successful candidates will receive more information regarding the program registration and other pre-arrival arrangements when they receive the admissions offer. Full-time MBA candidates are advised to keep their schedule open starting mid-July 2021 in anticipation of the program orientation and other registration matters.


Part-Time MBA Program (Weekly Mode)

Program is scheduled to commence in mid-July 2021 (tentative).
Successful candidates will receive more information regarding the program registration and other pre-arrival arrangements when they receive the admissions offer. Part-time MBA candidates are advised to keep their schedule open starting early July 2021 in anticipation of the program orientation and other registration matters.


All program arrangements are subject to the change and availability. Prospective candidates should pay attention to program updates to be released by University from time to time.

6. Test Score Submission - GMAT/GRE, IELTS/TOEFL

We understand that the COVID-19 situation has led to the cancellation and rescheduling of GMAT/GRE and IELTS/TOEFL tests. The GMAT/GRE examination is still required as part of the application process. The IELTS or TOEFL examination is required for international applicants who attended a non–English-speaking undergraduate/postgraduate university*.

Given the current unique situation,

  • HKUST MBA will accept scores from the online version of the GMAT/GRE and the IELTS Indicator, TOEFL-iBT Home Edition (previously known as TOEFL-iBT Special Home Edition) examinations, and Duolingo English Test (where available)** for admissions under Intake 2021 Fall.

* Please refer to the Admissions Requirement page of the individual program for more details.

** Online/home-testing GMAT/GRE, TOEFL-iBT Home Edition, and IELTS Indicator tests will be treated the same as the paper-based test, and will therefore be accepted for admissions for Intake 2021.

7. Campus Tour, Consultation, Admissions Interview Arrangement

To reduce the risk of bringing cases of COVID-19 to campus, campus tour, face-to-face consultation and face-to-face admissions interviews have been temporarily suspended.

For candidates who are keen to schedule an individual consultation with our admissions advisors, you can do so by scheduling an appointment HERE for a phone consultation or virtual consultation via Zoom.

With regards to the MBA admissions interviews, shortlisted Intake 2021 candidates will be invited to join a virtual interview with our Admissions Panel. More details will be sent to the concerned candidates later.

For other general enquiries about our MBA Programs, please refer to our FAQs


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