HKUST Opens Doors To A Booming Jobs Market For Returning Asian MBAs

Ryan Chan was born in America but grew up in Hong Kong. He returned to Asia for business school because of the growing MBA jobs market in the region

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HKUST MBA Students Continue to Thrive Against Uncertain Times

HKUST MBA Program was launched with the “Phoenix DNA,” enabling past and present students to continue thriving and soaring despite uncertain times.

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I Wanted to Make A Direct Scaled Impact by Helping Companies Execute Their Social Responsibilities – Stephanie Chow

Read now: Stephanie's vision behind shifting her career field to CSR

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Just Do It. Break It into Manageable Parts And Deal with Them Piece by Piece. – Justin Po

Read now: What makes Justin's learning experience in HKUST MBA richer?

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The Value of Attending HKUST MBA Networking Events – Ameya Pandit

Read now: Ameya's story about his vibrant MBA networking events

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How A Growth Hacking Internship Got Me My Post-MBA Job

Follow story of Daniel Keresteci about MBA Internship

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I Am Now One Step Closer to Achieving My 3 ‘C’s (Career Change, Industry Change, Location Change) - Bo Xu

Read now: Bo Xu's story of achieving career goals

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HKUST MBA Is the Only International Program that I Applied to - Kelsey Redd

Read now: Kelsey's story of her determination to success

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Success Is Due to Our Stretching to The Challenges of Life – Valeria Stadalninkas

Read now: Valeria's story of thriving through challenges

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Be Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable - Natasha Hsiao

Read now: Natasha's story of transformation

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Embarking My Journey in Hong Kong to Pursue Plentiful Business Opportunities in Asia Market - David Cerrillo

Read now: David's story about his journey to HKUST MBA

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Transformation Under Courage - How I landed an MBA internship in only 4 months in Hong Kong after I started my MBA

Read now: Malvern's story in Hong Kong for the past 4 months

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How My MBA Careers Service Helped Me Transform My Career

Follow story of Prahlad Agarwal on his career triple jump

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[Applicant Question of the week] Is A Tech MBA In Asia Right For Me?

Doing your MBA in Asia is a great option if you're looking for a tech focused program—but what will you gain, and what do admissions teams look out for?

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Fostering a stronger MBA community: The Tokyo Chapter

HKUST MBA Alumni Team organized its first overseas alumni event in downtown Tokyo.

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