Admissions Requirements and Philosophy

  • Admissions Requirements
    Our admissions process brings together students with a variety of abilities, experiences and academic backgrounds. To join the program, applicants should have:

    • a strong bachelor degree;
    • a satisfactory GMAT1 score;
    • a minimum two years of full-time work experience after the first degree; and
    • a good TOEFL2/ IELTS-Academic result if English was not your language of instruction at the undergraduate or postgraduate level
  • Remarks

    1. HKUST's code number is 7357.
      The program code for full-time MBA is PRW-WT-99.
    2. HKUST's code number for TOEFL is 0170-01.
  • Admissions Philosophy
  • We recognize the vital importance of recruiting a diverse group of students who will both benefit from and contribute to the HKUST MBA program. Rather than select candidates based on a preconceived formula, we consider how they will interact with each other as a group, how the program matches their individual needs and objectives, and the extent to which they are driven by and embrace success.
  • Your Contribution
    Always intent on further developing our strengths as a world-class, highly internationalized program, we seek high-quality students from a diversity of backgrounds with a broad spectrum of valuable experience. When we consider your application, we will be looking for the extent to which you can contribute to the program by exchanging knowledge and sharing experience with your peers. In fact, interaction with your peers will be a key element of learning throughout the program.
  • Your Goals
    We will also consider the extent to which your goals match what our program can offer. Our prime concern is to align the expectations of candidates and ensure that we can fulfill the needs that have driven you to apply. This consideration covers both how your specific needs would be met by what we offer and how you would benefit from our experiential learning approach.
  • Your Success
    Most importantly, we are looking for outstanding candidates with leadership potential who have the capacity to make lasting contributions to the region or industry in which they are working. Our students are dynamic and talent individuals who balance an ethical, responsible approach to business with the ability to move ever forward in their pursuit of success, contributing to both their professions and the community at large.



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