Tuition Fee & Expenses

Starting a full-time MBA program is an important commitment, so good financial planning is essential. Non-Hong Kong residents will need to apply for a student visa, which requires proof that you have sufficient financial resources to cover your studies.

Program Fee

The program fee of the full-time MBA program is HK$585,000 (approximately US$75,300) for the 2018 intake. This applies for the 12- and 16-month options as they both require 52 credits. Students are also entitled to enroll for 10 extra credits for no additional charge. Items covered by the program fee include tuition, textbooks and course materials for core courses (excluding course material for electives), and certain self-enrichment activities.

Successful applicants are required to pay a non-refundable deposit of HK$50,000 (approximately US$6,400), which will be deducted from their outstanding program fee. The remainder of the program fee can be paid in two installments. Kindly expect a slight adjustment to the price of accommodation on campus which will only be finalized by the HKUST Housing Office in May 2017. As a reference, there was a price increase of 3% from 2015 to 2016.

Other Expenses

 HKDUSD (equivalent)
MBA Program Fee (2018 intake) $585,000 $75,300
Accommodation on campus (average for 12 months) $66,000 $8,500
Books and supplies $10,000 $1,300
Living expenses (12 months) $84,000 $10,800
Miscellaneous $30,000 $3,800
Optional field trips $15,000 $1,900
Total $790,000 $101,600

Students taking part in the one-semester exchange program are required to pay tuition fees to HKUST for the credits earned at the exchange school. Travel and living expenses will vary according to the location of the school and are excluded from the program fee above.

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