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HKUST MBA Virtual Alumni Hub

Through our official online networking platform “HKUST MBA Virtual Alumni Hub,” alumni and students can connect and find the support and inspiration they need to succeed at any point in their journey.

Expand your MBA network beyond your classmates by exploring and connecting with fellow alumni across industries, locations, and interests. Ask questions and gain new perspectives. Our alumni and current students, as part of the supportive community, are welcome to help each other unlock their potential by sharing their expertise and insights.

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We support the following:


Career Networking


Alumni Job Board


Alumni Mixers

While providing an engaging opportunity for graduates and students to interact with business professionals from various backgrounds, these events also introduce newcomers to the MBA community. The scale and format of the events vary, but they are all designed to enable effective relationship building in a variety of settings locally and internationally.

HKUST MBA Mixer during Career Trek in Shanghai


Alumni Reunions

Local and overseas reunion events allow our alumni to return to their alma mater to connect and rediscover, or to maintain their bond while they are abroad. Reunions include events such as homecoming on the main campus and alumni dinner in Tokyo

HKUST MBA Homecoming promotes meaningful bonding between alumni and students
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