Academic Faculty

Our academic faculty boasts some of the best scholars from top global institutions around the world. Representing more than 15 countries, our elite faculty members can broaden your perspective of global business management and share their sharp business insights about Asia. Our commitment to providing world-class education has won us first place in Asia’s research rankings for 8 consecutive years according to the Financial Times. Here are the profiles of just a few of our professors:

Professor Highlight

Prof. Milind Rao PhD, Columbia University Research focus: International Macroeconomics, Hedge Fund Strategies, Design of Optimal Investment Strategies and Portfolios
Prof. Stephen Nason PhD, University of Southern California Research focus: International Management and Culture, Organizational Learning and Culture
Prof. Albert Ha PhD, Stanford University Research focus: Production and Inventory Management, Supply Chain Competition, Contracting and Information Sharing in Supply Chains
Prof. Mingyi Hung PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Research focus: Global Perspective of Accounting Information, Global Asset Management, International Corporate Governance
Prof. Inchi Hu PhD, Stanford UniversityResearch focus: High Dimensional Data Analysis, Risk Management, Big Data in Business Analytics, Bioinformatics
Prof. Theodore Clark DBA & MBA, Harvard Business School
Research focus: E-commerce, Outsourcing, Business Innovation

Other institutions represented by our faculty (partial list):
Berkeley, Cambridge, Chicago, Fudan, Harvard, INSEAD, Northwestern, Oxford, Princeton, UCLA, Yale