Our Alumni Network

Sometimes it is not what you know but who you know that matters. Earn a lifelong pass into our elite community of more than 5,000 alumni in over 60 countries, forming an international network of support, experience sharing and business opportunities. We pride ourselves in developing an active, culturally diverse and close-knit community. There is simply no easier way to gain access to the talents and perspectives of so many different experts and industries.


Alumni Mentorship Program

The bonding among mentors and mentees often translates to a higher purpose and greater depth. You will be carefully matched with inspirational alumni with similar professional backgrounds or career pursuits, providing you with first-hand industry knowledge and advice on how to navigate your managerial path.

Networking Events

Mixer events of various scales and formats connect diverse individuals, including students, alumni, and industry experts. The Alumni Mixer offers a platform for graduates to engage with business professionals from extensive areas and backgrounds, and also introduces newcomers to the MBA community.

Alumni Panel

From time to time, experienced executives and alumni leaders from a wide range of industries are invited to share perspectives and insights on various topics with the MBA community and to exchange ideas.

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