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Blockchain To Big Data: MBA Students Are Learning To Mix Business With Technology

Class of 2019
Pre-MBA: Account Manager, NTT Communications (Japan)
Post-MBA: Corporate Strategy and Planning, NTT Ltd. (Singapore)

“We should get used to managing technology.” Takashi Kobayashi, our HKUST MBA graduate, also a sponsored nominee from a leading Japanese telecom shared how the MBA interlinks technology with different business sectors. Takashi has also recently expanded his career footprints from Japan to Singapore.

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How A Flexible MBA Can Land You Your Dream Job

Class of 2014
Pre-MBA: Supervisor, European Central Bank (Germany) 
Post-MBA: Data Science Manager, Gojek (Singapore)

How to fast-track your career with an MBA? Adrien Chenailler, HKUST MBA Full-time student from France of Class 2020, accelerated his MBA studies and landed his new role as Data Science Manager at Gojek only 9 months after he started his MBA study. Follow his journey now.

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I wanted to change careers from finance to management in Asia. Here’s how my HKUST MBA enabled me to do this – Sam Dash

Sam Dash, Executive Assistant to the Group CEO at animal healthcare company Bimeda, was keen to change careers after spending seven years working in corporate finance, covering mergers and acquisitions.

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How MBA Has Changed My Life – Yoshifumi Morita

Class of 2017
Pre-MBA: Associate, Mizuho 
Current: Senior Associate, PwC Advisory LLC


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This MBA Quit A Job At The World Bank To Start A New Career In Asia—Here’s Why – Tomas Kucera

Class of 2014
Pre-MBA: Business Analyst, The World Bank Group (US) 
Post-MBA: Senior Consultant, 7Marketers (China) 
Current: Senior Branding and Business Development Manager, Shanghai Foreign Service Group (China)

Tomas Kucera changed careers and relocated from the US to China with an MBA at HKUST Business School in Hong Kong. He tells us why more people should do the same

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Why HKUST MBA? – Akhil Nair

Class of 2019
Pre-MBA: Operations Manager (Second Officer), Anglo Eastern
Post-MBA: Regional Supply Chain Manager (Asia Pacific), Methanex Corporation 

Akhil landed an internship with support from the HKUST MBA career office, which was converted into a full-time job offer.

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How My MBA In Hong Kong Got Me A Job At Bain & Company – Michele Valente

Class of 2017
Pre-MBA: Senior Business Intelligence Analyst, Canon
Post-MBA: Consultant, Bain & Company

Michele Valente used his MBA at HKUST Business School to pivot his career to consulting within Europe. We find out how

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How My MBA Helped Me Make A Career Switch – Hugo Tapia Frade

Class of 2016
Pre-MBA: Audit Senior II, Deloitte
Post-MBA: Project Manager, Group Business Development, Hackett London
Current: Head of Consumer Strategy and Planning - Group Business Transformation, Hackett London
Hugo Tapia Frade went from finance in Spain to retail in London after his MBA from HKUST Business School—here’s how he managed it.

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How An MBA In Hong Kong Can Help You Move Your Career To Asia – Alan Sartori

Class of 2016
Pre-MBA: Fixed Income, I.R. Derivatives Trader (Proprietary Trading Desk), Banca Akros
Post-MBA: Chief Executive Officer, SL Palladio International

Alan Sartori used an MBA at HKUST Business School to move his career from Italy to China. Now he runs his own investment firm in Shanghai.

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Expanding in Depth and Breadth of Knowledge – Kazuhiro Matsumoto

Class of 2017 (Japan)
Pre-MBA: Engineer, Intellectual Property Section, Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Post-MBA: Supervisor, Intellectual Property Division, Yamaha Motor Co, Ltd. (Japan)

"Please seriously consider "Why MBA?" and “Why HKUST?” while during your research. Having clear answers to these questions will truly add value to your experience, it’s important to always reflect on your answers even during the course of your MBA in order to stay anchored."

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IBM CFO Shanna: Don’t choose Comfort over Adventure during Your Best Years

Class of 2009 (Taiwan)
Pre-MBA: Internal Auditor, IBM (United States)

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Plans may Change, but it's OK – Joseph Albert Lim

Class of 2013 (Philippines)
Pre-MBA: Associate Project Director, Pacific Strategies & Assessments (China)
Post-MBA: Consultant, McKinsey & Company (Philippines)

"The funny thing is that my plans changed more than once as I went through my MBA...Looking back it’s rather funny how my best laid plans didn’t turn out as I had intended. But the experience taught me that while it’s good to have a goal in mind, being flexible and open to new perspectives is a great mindset to have."

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Start Planning Early – Rupal Kala

Class of 2016 (India)
Pre-MBA: Associate Investment Banking, Espirito Santo Investment Bank (India)
Post-MBA: Assistant Vice President, Barclays Investment Bank (Singapore)

"...start planning early. One should ideally get into the MBA mode as soon as you accept an offer because once the MBA actually commences you will always find that 24-hour days are not enough. Setting well defined targets, whether it be academic, professional or personal, will help in truly enjoying possibly the best 2 years of your lives."

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Don't be Defined by the Name of Your MBA – Sean (Soo-Young) Jeong

Class of 2015 (Korea)
Pre-MBA: Corporate Brand Communications Manager, KB Kookmin Card (Korea)
Post-MBA: Channel Support Account Manager, Apple (Singapore)

"If you are exploring the idea of doing an MBA, you must give yourself plenty of time to think hard and deep whether it is the experience and journey that will help to propel both your professional and personal development...I would like to highlight that a successful MBA journey is not defined by the name of a school but by oneself."

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Taking a Leap of Faith while Staying Focused – Tanya Vucetic

Class of 2017 (United States)
Pre-MBA: Senior Financial Analyst, Aviation Capital Group (United States)
Post-MBA: Business Development Manager, Asia Jet (China)

"The more successful you are at demonstrating you seriously want to live and work in Asia, the higher your chances are of being hired...Just like anywhere in the world, the job market here certainly has opportunities, but expect to have to pry those doors open yourself rather than something falling in your lap or the stars aligning."

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