Student clubs

The HKUST MBA Program strongly encourages participation in student-driven clubs and activities to promote a dynamic learning experience and strong community culture. Over a dozen clubs have been formed by students, ranging from career-oriented clubs to cultural and social groups. Participation in a club will enrich your academic experience, help you develop new competencies and lead you to make new friendships outside the classroom. Here are some examples:

  • China Club
  • Finance Society
  • FinTech Club
  • General Management Club
  • Japan Club
  • Management Consulting & Strategy Club
  • Tech Club

Be ready to actively participate in a range of extracurricular activities offered in our community. To learn more about our student clubs, please visit our official student blog site here.

International Night

International night is a signature event held by HKUST MBA every year. The class gets together to enjoy a night of food and performances prepared by the students across different regions. We embrace and celebrate our diversity through this special cultural exchange event.

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