Student Life and Profile

  • The HKUST Business School welcomes dynamic, self-directed students from around the world, drawn from a broad range of industries and with a diversity of academic backgrounds. As a young and energetic school we are open to new initiatives and create an environment in which learning occurs between peers as much as it does between students and faculty.
  • Diversity of Experience
    Our students have acquired their first degrees from leading universities around the world and represent some of the best-recognized multinational corporations and significant national organizations. Daily interaction with them in the classroom, in enrichment activities, and in social settings will play a significant role in your MBA studies. With an average of 5-6 years in the workforce, you and your peers will have a wealth of management experience to share.
  • An International Cohort

    Just as importantly, HKUST MBA students are drawn from around 30 countries in Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East. You will gain immediate insights into the cultural issues at work in the global economy, and benefit from understanding gained through tackling real-world business problems in close-knit cross-cultural teams.

  • The Exchange Advantage
    Your international outlook will also be enhanced by exchange-in students spending a semester on campus, bringing with them fresh ideas and new perspectives. Each year, between 100 and 120 MBA students from our 60 partner schools in 19 countries inject a further global dimension to student life at HKUST.
  • Student Profile at a Glance

    As a world-class business school, we will help you develop an internationalized management mindset and enhance your leadership potential with a view to making contributions to both your industry and society at large. We can achieve this because our student intakes feature:

    • Over 90% of students from outside of Hong Kong
    • Classes typically including students from around 30 nationalities
    • Students representing a wide range of industries, ensuring a dynamic exchange of ideas and experience sharing
    • General class size of 100 to 120
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