Industry Faculty

We understand that practical experience is as important as theoretical knowledge when it comes to achieving business success. That’s why we have lined up an impressive Industry Faculty comprised of business veterans from leading global firms across different industries. They offer you a taste of the real-life experience that can be applied to your everyday work, plus tried and tested industry success secrets you won’t get anywhere else. Here are the profiles of a few of our professors:

Professor Highlight

Prof. Mitya New Former Managing Director, Dow Jones & Reuters
MA, Johns Hopkins University
Courses: Blue Ocean Strategy Innovation, Building Effective Teams
Prof. Thian Chew Former Executive Director, Goldman Sachs
MBA, Wharton
Course: Private Equity Investing
Prof. Caroline Wang Former Chief Marketing Officer & Chief Information Officer, IBM
Msc, Harvard University
Course: Managerial Communication
Prof. Larry Franklin Former General Manager - Investments & Head Legal Counsel, Hutschison Whampoa
MBA, JD, Stanford University
Courses: Deal Making in China & Asia, Effective Negotiations, Managing a Venture Capital Fund, Business Law
Prof. Roger King Former President & Chief Executive, Sa Sa International Holdings
Course: Family Business
Prof. Chris Doran Former Director of Strategic Planning and Development, A.S. Watsons
Courses: Management Consulting, Applied Merger & Acquisition

The HKUST MBA program features a world-class faculty and has an excellent curriculum structure. Through it I came to understand Chinese culture and management styles. The concepts learned have given me confidence while working on challenging projects in China and elsewhere. In particular, I stay true to the HKUST MBA principles of being responsible and ethical at all times, to ensure success in professional and personal pursuits.

Deepak Sood Class of 2011 Pre-MBA: Business Support Manager, Intel China
Current: Revenue Transformation Senior Manager - Asia Pacific, Kimberly Clark