Networking Events

"Work hard and play hard" is the motto of our students, who are both competent learners and fun-loving individuals. Your MBA life does not end outside the campus. Our students often organize a range of social activities beyond the classroom, so you can develop close bonds with your classmates who will become your friends and supporters for life. Don't be surprised to meet lots of smart, fun and dynamic people who are just as amazing as you are.

The HKUST MBA program has exceeded all my expectations. During the immersion week, I was impressed by the world-class faculty, the diversity of my classmates, and the pace, which pushed our potential to the maximum. It was also a unique opportunity to experience teamwork outside a working context. We had to conquer a task as a team, which almost all of us thought was a mission impossible but we all succeeded in the end. The graduation ceremony of the Experiential Learning Program was the high point of the week. My body was exhausted, but my eyes were shining. I have not been so passionate and excited to study for a long time. I am really enjoying the journey!

Jamie JianClass of 2018 Assistant Director, BGI Research
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